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Planing Commision

The Planning Commission is established under the provisions of Section 62.23 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The Planning Commission duties are: 1. Hears all applications for conditional uses and amendments to the Town of Wausau Zoning Ordinance and reports these findings and recommmendations to the Town Board. 2. Receives from the Zoning Administrator his recommendations as related to the effectiveness of the Town of Wausau Ordinance and reports its conculsions and recommendations to the Town Baord. 3. Hears and decides all matters upon which it is required to pass under the Town of Wausau Zoning Ordinance. 4. Makes and adopts a master plan for the physcial development of the township and its boundaries.

Chairperson :
                      Jim Riehle

  • Darrin Damrow
  • Sharon Hunter
  • Richard Lawson
  • Roloef Stam
  • Ernest Suchon